Phillip Meek: Broker - Lic##38795

Phillip is a native of Santa Fe with over 11 years of experience selling real estate. His extensive knowledge of the area is helpful when considering a real estate purchase in Santa Fe. Phillip has also been involved in other areas of the industry as both a Vice President of a title company for 12 years and as a branch manger of a local bank for 6 years.
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Andy Barbero: Superintendent-Residential

For over 31 years Andy has supervised our residential jobsites.
Initially starting with the firm as a framer, he has worked his way
up to become our primary residential super. With his hands on
experience he understands all aspects of the construction process.
From siting homes, ensuring all details of construction are
implemented with care & thought, to final walk-through, he is
diligent to completion of the job. Working with clients is the
main focus of his efforts, including post-construction. He is
always available for our clients whatever the question may be.

  • Andy has the honor of being a Santa Fe High Athletic Icon...chosen 1971 Athlete of the Year

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Jimmy Tapia: Superintendent-Residential Remodel

Starting with Fairway Village, a project we built in partnership
With HUD to demonstrate affordable housing, Jimmy joined our
team as a laborer. Over the past 26 years Jimmy has furthered himself
by serving on our past framing & trim crews, to currently holding
responsibility as field super for remodels. He works closely with
our clients, co-ordinating all the details & timely events that
must happen to effect a successful and timely remodel.

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